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Hitachi/Fujitsu Hard Drive Backup Software Solution

Handy Backup is a powerful program providing image files creation for Hitachi/Fujitsu hard disk backup tasks. A disk image file holds the exact, byte-by-byte copy of a hard drive, partition or logical disk and can be arranged with multiple compression levels on the fly without stopping OS and therefore without interrupting your business.

These hard drive image files can then be stored in a variety of places, including auto backup to external hard drive (USB, Flash and FireWire), HDD, SSD, NAS, FTP/SFTP/FTPS, cloud backup to Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc.

Handy Backup software restores the images on Hitachi/Fujitsu hard drives, on any other partitions or even on a hard drive free space on the fly. To restore system and other locked partitions Handy Backup is switched to the utility which is launched from USB drive.

Handy Backup software features

  • Simple wizard interface. No in-depth computer management competence are required.
  • Image files splitting. Hard drive images can be divided into various files to fit a storage medium.
  • New partition creation. Data from a hard disk image can be restored on a free (unpartitioned) space on any place on a hard drive.
  • Disk to Disk copy. An entire disk can be directly copied on another one.
  • Scheduler. The time for disk image creation may be scheduled and the operation can be run in unattended mode.

Using Handy Backup, you can totally and reliably restore your Windows after awful data loss caused by an operating system crash, virus attack or hardware failure. You can also use our software for quick OS deployment when you need to setup many identical computers.

It is highly recommended that the system partition that is backed up remains unchanged during the process. If you or your OS modifies contents of the hard drive while Handy Backup tries to back it up, then the procedure may abort. The best case is when you boot from a different hard disk drive or disk partition and add image of the main system hard disk to the backup task.

Handy Backup is one of the best Hitachi/Fujitsu hard drive clone and backup software solutions to prevent losing your data after a terrible Windows failure.

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