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Remote Backup Software Solutions

Remote Backup Software, such as Handy Backup, suggests copying important data to some remote FTP or cloud service. If you make a remote computer backup, you protect information from any local disaster, from a simple malfunction to obliteration of entire local IT infrastructure.

Remote Computer Backup Storages

FTP Servers
As remote backup software, Handy Backup supports storing data to FTP servers, allowing accessing backup data via any FTP client. In addition, it provides encrypted remote backup to SFTP and FTPS protected vaults, either in a local network or via the Internet.
Cloud Remote Backup Solutions
Another option is to store data on clouds, such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. Handy Backup supports many remote backup solutions for small business and home users. In addition, there is a Handy Backup’s own remote backup storage HBDrive, a well-protected vault for data backup.

Features of Automatic Remote Backup

Handy Backup provides a variety of features that can make your remote backups especially effective:
  • Backup filtering. All data for backup can be filtered through appropriate file masks, so you can back up photos, music files, etc. By backing up files that you need only, you minimize time online and network storage space required for backup.
Setting File Filters for Remote Backup
  • Incremental backup. This option lets you not repeat copying of all files and folders with each task execution, but back up only new or modified data. Incremental FTP backup and cloud backup also greatly reduces the time required to transfer backup to remote server.
  • Backup compression. And yet another option very useful for remote backup, ZIP backup compression lets reduce the very size backup, without optimizing contents.
  • Task scheduling. Handy Backup allows to schedule backup tasks so they are executed automatically each day, week, or whatever period you like.
Automatic Remote Backup

Remote Backup Software Solution

In addition to network backup and FTP backup, Handy Backup also features support for Novosoft Remote Backup Service. The HBDrive provides heavy security and strong tech support.
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