Workstation Backup

Network Workstation Backup Software is a type data protection utility intended to manage a process of backing up a computer hooked to a local network. The basic purpose of workstation backup is to keep a copy of all critical data of network computers on a central server.

Backup server (same as NAS storage) allows eliminating the routine with removable storage media and increases general data safety, as it can be kept in a secured place protected from theft, fire, and other troubles related to the nature of local storage.

Backup Software: Options and Restrictions

Network backup software for workstations typically consists of two principal parts:
  • one is installed on the backup server
  • and another on remote workstations that you need to back up.

As in backup software for networks available out there today, backup tasks can be created and executed either by every particular workstation user, or a single person who administers the backup server.

Centralized management leads to a noticeable reduction of overall costs of data protection, specifically in an organization, as end-users don’t need to have any specific skills or technical education or to get trained to perform accurate timely backup (which is time and money).

Backup Strategy

Handy Backup features a number of options for smart backup and restore.

To start with, the software is installation-free for workstations: you dont have to run the installation wizard on every particular network machine. Instead, you can install workstation backup clients remotely, from a central backup server.

Also, the program presents an option to copy and restore data in the Windows service mode. This option helps a network administrator managing workstation backup without logging in into a workstation system. Moreover, the mode makes the backing up process completely invisible and system resource saving for workstation users.
Run as Windows Service

Backup: Step-by-Step Guidance Sample

Below is an exemplary guidance on how to assemble a backup network in an enterprise:

  1. Define a computer which will be used as a backup server, and install the server part on it.
  2. Install the workstation part on network computers. Some workstation backup software allows launching it as Windows service which means that data will be copied absolutely invisible.
  3. With the use of the backup server, select the data on remote computers that you want to backup and specify backup schedules for every workstation in the network.
  4. Depending on the available disk space and security policies set in your company, you may enable different backup options, such as data compression, encryption, etc.

These simple instructions will help you to organize efficient data protection in your organization, and allow you to quickly restore network workstations if their users will lose or corrupt important data. Performing regular backup is of supreme importance, as data loss is one of the most expensive risks of the today’s businesses.
For successful usage of Handy Backup, it is recommended to uninstall another backup solutions, like Symantec Backup Exec, due to technical reasons.

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