Western Digital NAS Backup Strategy

Production under the brand Western Digital (WD) has no demand to be explained first. One of a few producers making hard drives today, Western Digital also supplies the market with a bunch of accessories for data-saving units and applications. Among these devices are modern, effective network-attached storage units (NASes), developed to satisfy needs and purposes of different users on the market. Western Digital also supplies their original and third-party NASes with a special series of hard drives WD Red, developed to be used in network-attached storages.

Customer Qualities and Features

NAS Backup
NASes from WD available in a few variants, include popular MyBookLive devices for home use and WD DX series for business-level purposes or heavy-duty data transferring. The product line of NASes is renewed continuously by the company, so it is hard to recommend just one or two models from this plenty of choices; all the models available are good and very comfortable in use.
Traditionally, NASes from WD produce very low amount of noise. Alternatively, some reports from end-users claimed that WD MyBookLive units demonstrate an extra level of heating in the process of working. No proofed reports about heat crashes or any damage are existed; but we strongly recommend not placing such units in tight areas with low air circulation capability and/or heat absorbtion.

The NAS also can be used as a private cloud. This option, after the proper setup and tuning, provide an access to data stored on the particular NAS from any place with active Internet connection.

Backup Capability

Western Digital NAS backup service is not a standard option for all products of the company. Some NASes from WD are delivered without any backup software out-of-the-box. If you plan to use Western Digital NAS backup capacities, read carefully the user manual and reviews for any particular unit to avoid the careless selection and an impulse buy of improper gadget.
Some network-attached storages from WD are equipped with software backup tools, both for Windows and Mac OS X users. This is standard, baseline software oriented to do most common tasks and to perform it well.

The customer can use third-party software for safekeeping and restoration of data without any extra effort. NASes from WD are easily recognized and used by such popular backup software as Handy Backup or To-Do Backup. Handy Backup contains a set of important features making NAS backup as quick and smart as possible. Also, any of these devices can be set as the data capsule for Apple Time Machine standard mirror backup software.

To the user, Western Digital NAS backup strategy is often looks pretty straightforward; all data copied can be stored on the NAS connected as the network drive or a private cloud. The content of NAS can be backed up, too, on the different NAS or an offsite cloud service of appropriate storage capacity.

As the one of world leaders in an area of data-storing hardware units, Western Digital produces more than reliable and often relative cheap network-attached storages. Using Western Digital NAS backup unit in your home or office is an economically profitable, safe and secure method of organizing the safe storage needed for all your valued data.