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Synology NAS Backup Hardware Tool for Serious Business

Oh, don't mind. All sorts of things can be qualified as "serious business" if these things touches serious matters. Keeping a family archive of precious photos and handmade movies is a very serious business, too. And Synology, the one of world's giants of data-keeping industry, takes a very serious approach to these matters, developing many variants of network-attached storages (NASes) for all kinds of users.

Outside, Inside and More

NAS Backup
Traditionally, Synology NAS devices are modern-looking, somewhat hi-tech units that can fit easily into a plenty of interior designs, from industrial blocks and hangars packed with noisy modern machinery to a cute stand with Hi-Fi audio and big plasma at the center of a living room. Internal design is superior and modern, too.
Synology produces a wide product line of NASes, from little one-drive units to big cabinets loaded with hard disks like B-52 packed with megatons of "paying load". All hardware components are of best quality and rare (if any) deserves a complaint from end-users.

All Synology NASes delivers with DiskStation Manager, the effective and easy-to-use software control and tuning tool. The DiskStation Manager can set the particular network-attached storage as the client drive for Apple Time Machine, organize a backup workflow from computer to NAS, manage some parameters of the device and much more. The software interface is clear and modern-looking, with an extensive help provided.

Synology NAS Backup Options

As mentioned above, some Synology NAS backup capabilities are provided just out-of-the-box. These capabilities can be extended with third-party software tools, like Norton Ghost or Handy Backup. Handy Backup has a variety of useful features that will deliver the best experience whenever you need a reliable NAS backup solution. The short list of backup software officially tested by Synology on compatibility with network-attached storage devices of this company can be found here. There is much more software utilities for Synology NAS backup and restoration.

If you're using Synology NAS backup units, you may configure some strategic schemes of data safekeeping, right just to your serious business needs. (As we mentioned earlier, all things important to you can be a "serious business", and this is a most formal and exclusive definition of this term.) So to safeguard your data set you may backup all your computer disks or some selected files and directories on your NAS; or you may backup an entire NAS to another NAS; or you may plot the scheme to include an offsite cloud service like Amazon S3 or HBdrive.com to create more copies of your valued data from your Synology NAS. These are endless possibilities to build up a secure shelter for your data where it can be kept away from all perils and fears of the world.

So if you're searching for a perfect NAS to organize backup and restoration workflow of your data, to upload your family archive or business files, to keep thousands of photos or hours of video footage, or to securely store any other data important to you, than look at products of Synology. These devices are perfect network-attached storages for your serious business, no matter what this business like to.
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