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Backup to External Hard Drive

Backup to external hard drive requires the software assistant capable to automate the full cycle of backup operations. As saving data to USB-plugged drives makes a mainstay of small business backup software, this technique still highly demanded for now.

Handy Backup is a very good example of small business backup solution providing such an advantage for users. It can perform backup to external hard drive under Windows 8.1 or earlier, automating each backup step from toggling by USB plug to organizing a chain of programs.

Feats and Traits of Handy Backup

Handy Backup Small Server is a most powerful single-machine product of Handy Backup line. It is capable to organize any types of backup and restoration of a server or workstation of any level, requiring no special resources or efforts to make this job.

Among the features of Handy Backup are some principal options making the process of backup to external hard drive automatically successful and very reliable in terms overall speed of job and data security convenience.

The List of Key Features

Some selected possibilities of using Handy Backup Small Server turn it to be a most dedicated solution capable for backup to external hard drive. The list of these possibilities includes:
Starting automatic backup to external hard drive by plugging on USB device;
Keeping all data in native formats, allowing using backup information directly;
Copying all types of data existed including databases, websites and virtual machines;
Automating backing up of drive images, to copy external system volumes;
A lot of storage possibilities, include commercial clouds, FTP, local and remote disks;
Automation of backup processes, including starting other programs with the task.
Of course, Handy Backup Small Server has capabilities to perform full, incremental and differential backups, store some backup versions with time stamps, as well as encrypting and compressing all backup data, to save space and efforts.

How to Backup to External Hard Drive Using Handy Backup

To tune up the task dedicated to backup to external hard drive, you may use your copy of Handy Backup Small Server (or other Handy Backup edition) in such a way that allows starting a backup process by the plugging in the external hard drive through USB.

On the Step 6, "Scheduling the task", select the option of running when a new USB device will be plugged in, to ensure the backup to external hard drive automatically. The task will perform the backup process every time you connect your USB data storage to the computer.
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