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Volume Snapshot Backup Software Solution: How Cool Is That?

What is VSS for backup program? Is it a positive things when there is some VSS in a data backup solution?

Volume Snapshot Service is the technology that allows taking human-run (or automatic which promises even more joy; automated rules!) shadows of data at a moment in time when the backup launches. The 'shadow' feature sound interesting, but it is not epic expressions which makes Volume Snapshot Service worth attention. The best advantage about the solution is the fact: it saves locked data. To be capable to perform and store shadow copies, Volume Shadow Copy Service expects for the file system to be NT.

Handy Backup supports VSS backup.
Thus, with the Volume Shadow Copy Service functionality aboard, you get an opportunity to create secure backups of a volume as the size is not modified and no problems with files being locked occur.

The files saving operation may be organized two important ways. The first one is to hand over VSS functionality to the OS. The second option is to use the stuff as a Windows service.

But let's skip the wimp formalization and come to imagine a bit of exciting activities. So, again, what do these delicious VSS things exactly matter for data backup programs?

Practically, the smart VSS function brings the benifit of hot backup for data with complex structure to be secure and functioning. For illustration, while saving databases, this solution neatly performs all existent transactions regarding those databases and creates a snapshot of files, the processing database version. So, here is bonjour to on-the-fly backup files of Microsoft SQL Server (and here comes bye-bye to stopping the service in order to pass with the saving routine).

Take Microsoft Exchange Server. The Volume Shadow Copy Service feature inside backup solutions will do an intelligent task here too. For example, it will back up actual databases instead of coping the entire volume they are stored to (a common Microsoft practice, horribly).

And when it comes to hard disk drive imaging, the strong influence of VSS for hot backup runs on providing awesome functions, as the total OS copying without logging off Windows, synchronizing of two HD images, and consequently convenient PC cloning.
So, if you still haven't evaluated backup solutions with VSS aboard, isn't now sounds like a perfect moment to set up them?
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