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How to Backup System

System backup with Handy Backup allows you performing full system backup through making a drive image, or saving crucial system components separately for Windows, Linux or even for other OS!

System Backup Software Tools in Handy Backup

These are some dedicated tools to backup system:
Component backup tools, such as Registry backup or User Folders backup plug-ins.
Drive imaging plug-ins to create a system image, i.e., Disk Image and System Recovery plug-ins.
A standalone system backup program — Disaster Recovery.
Presumably, plug-ins allow to backup system directly from a program, making Handy Backup a perfect system backup utility for Windows or Linux. The Disaster Recovery utility operates as a standalone solution, and it can make system backup from a USB flash drive for any system disk and/or OS.

Advantages of Using Handy Backup as System Backup Tool

Scheduling System Backup
Regular Backup
You can automate your component-based or full system backup, and schedule it to run at a pre-defined time, with a repeating period from some months to a couple of minutes. In addition, you can trigger a system backup to start when plugging a task-related USB device into a computer slot.

Security Measures
To make your image secure, this system backup software allows encrypting a drive image file. In addition, you can select a secure vault for your image data, e.g., an FTPS/SFTP server or an S3-driven cloud (such as Amazon S3).
System Backup on any storages

Features of a Standalone System Backup Program

The Disaster Recovery program works with and under Handy Backup when you are firstly creating a bootable USB drive for further system recovery actions, and then it is a fully separate utility. Based on Slax 9, it provides easy-to-use GUI for system backup operations and full support for modern hardware.

Video Example: How to Take System Backup with the Disaster Recovery Utility

This video will teach how to use the Disaster Recovery to create a system backup image and then how to restore it using the Disaster Recovery utility.
For any extra information about system backup software plug-ins and functions, please refer to the online User Manual or download and try Handy Backup with all its functions for a 30-day free trial!
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